Clear vision: the architectural glass market takes the path to sustainability

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The architectural glass market is making great strides towards sustainability, developing production processes that are less dependent on natural gas, and as such reducing their carbon emissions, by looking to solar and other renewable power sources.

In our new Glass Processing & Finishing Spot On, Oaklins specialist Valērija Lieģe explores what some of the big players are doing in this area, and looks at the impact on the industry of the rising cost of key resources and other global challenges. She also outlines key growth trends, and puts the spotlight on recent M&A activity involving glass companies around the world.

The next few years will be pivotal as the glass industry navigates through this transitional phase, taking full advantage of technological breakthroughs, collaborations and the dedication to sustainability demonstrated by key players. As such, the future of flat glass manufacturing seems increasingly inclined towards achieving both environmental responsibility and operational efficiency. VALĒRIJA LIEĢE, GLASS PROCESSING & FINISHING SPECIALIST, OAKLINS

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Valerija liege
Valērija Lieģe Riga, Latvia
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