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With increased trade across borders and more access to data than ever before, large companies in many industries are constantly improving work processes and expanding their offerings. For you, as a business support service, that means evolving to keep up with your customers. Guidance from our M&A specialists within the industry, providing you with M&A, growth equity and ECM, debt advisory and corporate finance services, can help you acquire the right capabilities or consolidate to extend and complete your service portfolio.

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HE Space has been acquired by CS Group
Aerospace, Defense & Security | Business Support Services | TMT

HE Space has been acquired by CS Group

With this acquisition, CS Group increases its European presence in space to nearly 800 employees. The group would thus strengthen its installed base in the Netherlands, Germany and France and expand its development prospects in Spain and the UK. This acquisition will ensure a stronger presence with institutional organizations such as ESA’s ESOC and ESTEC agencies, EUMETSAT and industrial companies such as Airbus, Thales and OHB.

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Røsva Skadeservice has been acquired by BELFOR Property Restoration
Business Support Services

Røsva Skadeservice has been acquired by BELFOR Property Restoration

The shareholders of Røsva Skadeservice (Røsva) have sold the company to the global leader in disaster recovery, BELFOR Holdings Inc. (BELFOR).

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Excelian Limited has been acquired by Luxoft Holding, Inc
Business Support Services | Financial Services | TMT

Excelian Limited has been acquired by Luxoft Holding, Inc

The shareholders of Excelian Limited have sold the company to Luxoft Holding, Inc for an undisclosed consideration.

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“Oaklins gathered the perfect team and were far more involved than expected. If you ask them in their sleep they would be able to name all the things that are important to Røsva. They understood our corporate culture, the business and the employees – our dream has come true.”

Heidi Lyngholm

Former owner, Røsva Skadeservice

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