Technologie, Medien und Telekommunikation

Mit unser Leidenschaft für M&A und unserer jahrzehntelangen Erfahrung in der ICT-Branche sind wir ein verlässlicher Partner für unsere Kunden. Wir sind uns der rasanten technologischen Entwicklung bewusst, welche durch die voranschreitende Globalisierung und die Konvergenz der Sektoren angetrieben wird und immer interessante Opportunitäten entstehen lässt. Ob sie Zugang zu Investoren im Silicon Valley oder zu den führenden globalen Medien- und Technologieunternehmen benötigen, wir werden unser Engagement und unsere Innovationskraft mit unserer globalen Reichtweite verbinden, um herausragende Ergebnisse zu erzielen.

Wir ruhen uns auf unserer Erfolgsgesichte in der Branche nicht aus, sondern schreiben sie weiter.




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Technologie, Medien und Telekommunikation

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Licensed to play: navigating the regulatory landscape

20. Mai 2019
ONLINE GAMBLING SPOT ON: The current wave of re-regulation offers licensed operators the chance to become bigger players in the online gambling sector. Oaklins’ specialist Nikolaos Karabelas keeps on top of continually evolving US and European legislation to provide an essential guide to the latest developments in key markets and the new advertising standards sweeping across Europe. We also ask Nordic Gambling associate Ario Mansoori about Swedish operators’…

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Our bet on the future of online gambling

21. Dezember 2018
SPOT ON ONLINE GAMBLING:  Our specialist Adel Koubaa discloses the main boosters of the online gambling industry and what is driving companies’ desire to lay down their cash. A few of the developments include the rise of on-the-go gambling, the potential emergence of Stockholm as the natural new hub, the blockchain technology revolution and of course the US ruling opening the way for state-wide sports betting. The sky is the limit…

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A shared belief in hyperlocal media

18. Dezember 2018
DEAL FLASH: Best Version Media (BVM), a hyperlocal media and marketing company, has received an investment from Bertram Capital. One of Oaklins’ TMT specialists in New York acted as the exclusive M&A advisor to BVM in this transaction. BVM represented a unique challenge in the local media marketplace, given that its end product is a print publication. However, because of its rapid sustained growth, the…

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Knowing the importance of staying in motion

11. Dezember 2018
SPOT ON MARKETING DATA & INSIGHTS: Our Marketing Data & Insights’ specialist Ken Sonenclar explains why key industry players have their heads in cloud-based data technology, citing recent high-value acquisitions of data analytics startups as a strong indicator of the MD&I sector’s future direction. In the race to take advantage of technological changes in the data-to-insights ecosystem, companies built solely on traditional data sources risk…

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Market research’s new kid on the block

3. August 2018
SPOT ON MARKET RESEARCH: Our market research specialist Ken Sonenclar braces us for the radical impact of blockchain technology on marketing data & insights. With cyberspace’s enfant terrible poised to unleash disruption on the established world order, we foresee the exciting opportunities lying in wait for the sector’s innovators. Why will self-sovereign identity (SSI) prove so valuable to researchers? How does blockchain fit into the…

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