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Construction and engineering are the backbone of our economy, but societal shifts, such as the adoption of new technology and the move toward sustainable fuel sources, are now dictating the terms. Therefore, it’s important for you to stay ahead of the curve. Our wide range of capabilities in M&A, growth equity and ECM, debt advisory and corporate finance services in everything from telecom infrastructure to pipeline construction can help you acquire skilled labor, consolidate in order to grow or sell at a premium value.

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Stephenson’s Rental Services has made a strategic investment in Centre de Location G.M. Inc.
Construction & Engineering Services | Industrial Machinery & Components

Stephenson’s Rental Services has made a strategic investment in Centre de Location G.M. Inc.

Stephenson’s Rental Services has made a strategic investment in Centre de Location G.M. Inc. (Location G.M.), a Québec-based equipment rental company with four branches. This investment marks the first step for Stephenson’s in its plan to expand in the province of Québec.

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“Our strategic investment in Location G.M. is an important step in the expansion plans of Stephenson’s in Quebec. It immediately provides a strong foothold in the province and represents a great platform to further expand our activity. The Oaklins team was instrumental in identifying Location G.M. as a potential target, establishing a strong connection with its owners and assisting us until the end with the execution of this important transaction.”

Karim Nensi

CFO, Stephenson’s Rental Services

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QUARTERLY HIGHLIGHTS: As we face ongoing global economic uncertainty, it’s no surprise that M&A activity is slowing. On the positive side, however, this gives business owners a better chance to reflect, study trends and deal drivers, and engage in thorough due diligence – all essential to getting the best out of a sale.

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