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The automobile industry is undergoing a series of radical changes. Society is moving away from fossil fuels and autonomous vehicles are quickly becoming a reality. Our dedicated professionals, seated in the world’s automotive hotspots, are committed to your success in this shifting climate. Our capabilities in M&A, growth equity and ECM, debt advisory and corporate finance services span from OEMs to emerging technology companies to help you close crucial deals — both in and outside the traditional value chain.

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Cramaro Tarpaulin Systems has been acquired by Lifco AB

Cramaro Tarpaulin Systems has been acquired by Lifco AB

Cramaro Tarpaulin Systems S.r.l. has been acquired by Lifco AB

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“The acquisition of FAI by Motus will bring us many synergies, with scope to expand our supply chains and product ranges as well as opportunities to enter new markets. Both existing and new customers will benefit from our core aims of best availability, best service, best quality and best price. Our business ethos is so closely aligned with that of Motus’ that the change of ownership will be seamless, but the benefits will be felt by all.”

Jonathan Alexander

CEO, FAI Automotive plc

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A fast track to leadership in SaaS solutions for the automotive industry

DEAL FLASH: Oaklins’ team in Italy advised the buyer in this transaction, from the initial scouting of opportunities to the negotiation with the seller, while the team in France introduced Bee2Link, which was eager to grow through acquisitions in southern Europe. Another success story grounded in the cooperation between Oaklins’ teams.

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