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With increased trade across borders and more access to data than ever before, large companies in many industries are constantly improving work processes and expanding their offerings. For you, as a business support service, that means evolving to keep up with your customers. Guidance from our M&A specialists within the industry can help you acquire the right capabilities or consolidate to extend and complete your service portfolio.

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Svea Ekonomi AB has acquired Maksuturva
Business Support Services | Financial Services | TMT

Svea Ekonomi AB has acquired Maksuturva

Svea Ekonomi AB, one of the leading groups in credit management and financial services in Sweden, has acquired Maksuturva Group Oy and Maksuturva ICT Services Oy (together Maksuturva), with headquarters in Espoo, Finland. Financial details have not been disclosed.

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Roka Holding has acquired Kiinteistömaailma from Danske Bank.
Business Support Services | Real Estate

Roka Holding has acquired Kiinteistömaailma from Danske Bank.

Roka Holding Ltd has acquired Kiinteistömaailma Ltd from Danske Bank AS.

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CapMan Oyj has sold InfoCare AS to Katalysator
Business Support Services | Private Equity | TMT

CapMan Oyj has sold InfoCare AS to Katalysator

CapMan Oyj has sold InfoCare AS to Katalysator.

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“Through their experience of transactions in the financial services sector, as well as strategic and financial competence, Oaklins' team had a vital role throughout the acquisition process. We are very pleased with their efforts and the value we have been able to create for Svea Ekonomi.”

Lennart Ågren

Owner and CEO, Svea Ekonomi AB

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A quality check for healthy multiples

TESTING, INSPECTION & CERTIFICATION SPOT ON: This Spot On includes an extensive overview of deals done this year, further proving that the TIC sector is in great shape and has a healthy future ahead.

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