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Christian Jellentrup


Christian is a director at Oaklins Germany. He is an experienced M&A advisor in healthcare, with a special focus on medical technology and healthcare services. With extensive insights on this segment, he has established key industry contacts in the areas of surgical devices and instruments, medical supplies, orthopedic implants and aids, vascular devices and implants, therapeutic and diagnostic equipment, and in various healthcare services. Transactions he has worked on include the sale of Acutronic Medical Systems to Vyaire Medical (Apax), the sale of Vascotube to Cirtec Medical (3i) and the sale of Medical Wundmanagement to IK Partners.

Christian joined the team in 2014 after having worked for two years with Alira Health, a boutique focused on medical technology, pharmaceuticals and life sciences. He has a BSc in Business Administration and an MSc in Healthcare Economics and Management.

 Christian Jellentrup
Hamburg, Niemcy


Telefon służbowy
+49 40 34914173

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